Next we'll add some pipe cleaners which will be moved up and down by the circles on the skewer as the motor turns. In order for the reindeer and Adabot to stay upright and facing forward, they need some guides which we'll make next.

The pipe cleaner guide

  • With some thick width cardboard, cut out rectangle that is 4cm by 24cm.
  • Draw a line through the center at 2 cm.
  • Place the cardboard over the wheels and mark an x directly above each circle. 
  • Use a hobby knife to poke holes where each x is.
  • Cut (4) 14 cm long black pipe cleaners. *
  • Make sure holes in cardboard are large enough for pipe cleaners to fit easily through.

*If you have clear or black straws feel free to use those instead of the pipe cleaners. They have less friction and move through the cardboard easier.

Creating the wheel guiders

  • Measure (4) 3cm x 5cm rectangles. Draw lines inside the rectangles on the heights and widths at 0.5cm from the outside.
  • Cut out the 3 cm x 5 cm rectangles.
  • Score the inside lines and cut out the corner boxes.
  • Fold the sides in.
  • Draw a point in the center of each guider.
  • Poke a small hole through each point.
  • Stick a pipe cleaner through a guider with roughly 2cm coming out. Bend the end in.
  • Glue the top of the pipe cleaner onto the guider and hold the pipe cleaner perpendicular to the guider as it dries.
  • Cut off the excess pipe cleaner on the bottom of the guider.
  • Repeat with other 3 pipe cleaners and guiders.
  • To reduce the amount of friction from the pipe cleaners moving through the cardboard, add some hot glue to the inside of the hole made in the long rectangular cardboard piece.
  • Reduce the friction even more by shaving away the pipe cleaner hair on the bottom with scissors or a wire cutter.
  • Place the pipe cleaners through the long rectangular cardboard piece. Rest each guider over it's corresponding wheel. 
  • Push the long rectangular piece towards the back of the back of the box such that the pipe cleaners slightly lean back. (This will help Adabot and the reindeer stay facing forward later).
  • Glue the long rectangular piece in place.

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