Carving the foam body:

  • Cut off about 5 mm from the bottom of the largest ball to give the ball a flat surface to sit up on.
  • Next cut the medium sized ball in half.
  • Then carve out the middle of each side of the medium sized ball.

Creating the servo pushing wire mechanism:

  • Cut about 36 cm of stiff wire with wire cutters.
  • Push bottom and top of medium sized ball through wire so they lie close to the middle.
  • Take off the top of the middle ball.
  • Place servo next to wire such that one of the arms is right up against the wire. Push the servo firmly into the foam to create an imprint.
  • Remove wire and glue servo in place.
  • Push wire back in place then use wire cutters or pliers to bend the wire around the servo arm.
  • Once the wire is shaped accordingly and there are equal parts wire above and below the servo (slightly more above is better), glue wire in place next to the servo.
  • Stick top of ball onto wire. Make sure servo cables are hanging out before glueing top down.

Forming the wire:

  • Bend one end of the wire at the top/bottom of the ball at a 90 degree angle towards the servo cables.
  • Bend the same wire back the other way 90 degrees after about 1-2 cm.
  • Repeat on other side.
  • Stick on top and bottom balls. When putting on the large ball, make sure to orient such that the flat part we cut earlier is directly opposite to where the wire is inserted into.
  • Cut a roughly 18 x 18 cm square of cardboard and white paper.
  • Glue paper to cardboard.
  • Glue bottom of snowman in center of base.

Testing out the Snowman so far

Plug the servo into CRICKIT, and power up the board. Test out the snowman by touching A3 on the CPX. Quite a dance! I call it the Snowing Man :)



If you aren't getting much movement out of the snowman when A3 is touched:

  • Re-open the two halves of the snowman's middle section. Double check that one of the servo arms is right up against the wire and moving towards it.

If the snowman parts are moving around too much or spinning around:

  • Push the parts closer together indenting the wire into the foam.

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