Create the top hat parts:

  • To create the hat top, on a sheet of black foam, draw two perpendicular lines 3 cm long going through the center of each other.
  • Draw a circle around the plus sign.
  • Next, to create the brim, draw a line 5cm long. On this line, mark points at 0, 1, 2.5, 4, and 5 cm.
  • Create an identical line perpendicular to this one and running through its center.
  • Draw a circle around the 0 and 5 cm points and 1 and 4 cm points.
  • To create the hat's base we must know the circumference of the hat top. Circumference = 2πr = 2 * (3.14) * 3 cm = 9.42 cm.
  • Draw a rectangle 9.4 cm long and 4 cm high.
  • Cut out all components.


*Hat created based off a 5cm diameter head. May need to modify measurements if head larger or smaller in size.

Assemble the hat:

  • Bend the base into a cylinder and glue ends together slightly overlapping.
  • Glue the brim to the base.
  • Glue on the top.
  • Cut off excess wire from top of snowman so hat fits just over the wire. The wire should be reaching just barely under the hat top.

Adding the snowman body and facial features:

  • Mold the model magic into a carrot shape and glue onto snowman.
  • Place 2 larger rhinestones onto snowman to make eyes.
  • Place 5 smaller rhinestones onto snowman to make mouth.
  • Glue 4 buttons onto snowman's chest and torso.
  • Stick twigs into sides.
  • Cut about 20 cm of ribbon for scarf and tie around neck.

Capacitive touch cap:

  • Cut 36 cm of copper tape.
  • Turn snowman around. Slowly peel off backing and stick onto snowman starting on the top of the hat, creasing down hat's base and brim and ending at the bottom of the snowman.
  • One a piece of aluminum foil, draw a circle with a 3 cm diameter.
  • Cut out circle.
  • Glue on hat top.
  • Add a shorter piece of copper tape on top of foil down onto the previous piece of copper tape along just the hat's length.
  • Use two pieces of copper tape to tape one end of the alligator clip to the bottom of the snowman. Be sure to tape the alligator clip on top of the first piece of tape.
  • Attach other end of alligator clip to A3 on CPX.
  • Plug servo into CRICKIT.

Power up CRICKIT, touch the top of his hat and watch him groooooooove!

Happy Holidays!!!

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