To begin, let's first wire up the main electronic components:

  • Plug in both DC motors to the motor inputs on CRICKIT with the red 5V leads going in the outer inputs of the motor terminal block. Use a small screwdriver to screw in the leads into the terminal blocks.
  • Plug the servo into input 1 on the servo section on CRICKIT. Orient the leads such that the yellow wire is on the outside edge of CRICKIT.
  • Attach an alligator clip to capacitive touch input A3 on the CPX (Circuit Playground Express)
  • For power, for now, use a 5V 2A (2000mA) switching power supply plugged into the 5V DC jack.
  • Screw in NeoPixel strip to NeoPixel terminal block of CRICKIT after prepping the wires via directions below. For more info on using NeoPixels with CRICKIT, check out this guide: Make it Glow with CRICKIT.

In order to attach the NeoPixel strip to CRICKIT, we will need to prep the Data In end of the strip.

Prepping the NeoPixel strip for CRICKIT:

  • Take the end of the NeoPixel strip with the data line arrow pointing inward toward the strip.

  • With wire cutters, cut the end of the white wire.

  • Strip off 1 cm of wire cover from white wire as well as ground (black) and power (red) wires.

Adding Louder Sound

You may like the song the little crickit bot plays but want it to be a little louder. By default it only plays from the little buzzer on the Circuit Playground. By adding a 8 ohm speaker to the Crickit speaker output you'll get a blast of audio!

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Now it's time to program the CPX and CRICKIT to control the electronic components we just wired. We'll be using programming called MakeCode to do that.

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This page (Wiring) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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