Front Wheels

  • Place the 2 wheels on the motors.
  • Add double sided foam tape to motors.
  • Attach motors to bottom of base of truck making sure they are aligned with the angle of the cardboard and that the wheels aren't touching any cardboard.

Back wheels

Creating the axles:

  • Cut out two 22mm x 42mm pieces of cardboard.
  • Find the middle of each piece and pierce with bamboo stick.
  • Hold rig under the truck where wheels will go and pull pieces out until they are at the ends of the base.
  • Take a pencil or pen and mark on both sides of the piece on the bamboo stick to keep the distance correct.

Attach Wheels

  • Measure 2 cm away from each end mark where cardboard pieces were.
  • Break off ends of bamboo stick at the most recently drawn mark.
  • Place cardboard pieces back on bamboo stick.
  • Put hot glue in wheel hold and push wheels into place one at a time making sure they are upright and holding until firmly in place.
  • Glue rig under truck making sure wheels are not touching any cardboard.

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