Battery, CRICKIT and Servo Mounting

  • Put two pieces of foam tape on battery.
  • Place battery up against front seat.
  • Put a piece of foam tape on each rubber leg of CRICKIT.
  • Place on top of battery.
  • Glue servo in place on back corner of truck base with the wires facing out the back.
  • Put a piece of foam tape on bottom of PowerBoost.
  • Place on back of truck base, pressing in legs of switch into cardboard.

Adabot Waving Rig

Pop off the servo arm and reorient like in the moving picture above. This is to ensure the servo will pull Adabot correctly to create the waving effect.

  • Cut a string the length of the distance from the Adabot stick to the servo.
  • Glue string to servo then to the Adabot stick.

In order for Adabot to move side to side, we'll need a force to pull him back after the string attached to the servo loses tension.

  • Cut a rubber band
  • Glue one end of the rubber band under the front seat
  • Making sure there is tension on the band, glue other side to the bamboo stick holding Adabot.

Capacitive Touch & Attaching the Truck Top to Base

To control the truck and tell it when to go for a spin, we will create a capacitive touch button on the top of the truck. Each time the foil is touched, Adabot will wave with some ice cream and the truck will go for a spin around the block!

  • Attach the alligator clip to input A3 on the CPX. Attach the other end to some tin foil.
  • Tape the end of the alligator clip to the underside of the truck top.
  • Add tape to a spot on the top of the truck and fold over foil onto tape.
  • Glue truck top onto truck base.

Adding NeoPixel Lights

To create an under glow effect for the truck, use duct tape to attach NeoPixels to the bottom of the truck. Be careful the NeoPixel strip does not to come in contact with any moving parts from the motors or axle.

Now turn on the PowerBoost switch through the back of the truck, touch the foil and watch the glory of the truck!

That's it! Enjoy your new ice cream slingin' truck!

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