Download and print out The PDF of various truck parts and cut outs by clicking the button below.

Be careful using a hobby knife. A cutting mat or other surface will ensure you do not cut your table. Avoid cutting fingers and toes.

Cut the Outer Truck Parts

  • Prepare enough medium to large width sized cardboard to fit all outer truck parts onto (pages 1 - 5 in pdf). Thicker cardboard makes for a sturdier truck!
  • On the print outs, the dotted lines are meant for cutting and the bold lines are meant for folding.
  • Cut out the parts from the print outs pages 1 - 5*
  • Glue to cardboard.
  • Cut out parts with hobby knife.

* Cutting the parts out before glueing is optional but helps save room and makes for a cleaner looking result. To save time you can glue the entire print out sheets to the cardboard and cut them out.

Score and Fold Parts

  • Over bold lines on each side of the truck, make light incision with hobby knife.
  • Next take a pencil or pen and score until parts fold. These are now the back doors of the truck.
  •  For the truck front, make a light incision on the bold line above the grills and headlights.
  • Score and fold.
  • For upper fold, turn over front piece, measure about 5mm below windows, draw a line across the back.
  • Lightly go over with hobby knife then score and fold. Score multiple times before folding this part as proximity to windows risks improper folding.

Glueing pieces together:

  • Put hot glue onto the front of the left side of the truck.
  • Place front of truck piece onto left side piece, aligning scored folds with the contours of the side piece.
  • Repeat with other side.
  • Glue on truck top.
  • Feel free to reenforce with glue wherever connections feel weak.

*We will leave the bottom of the truck alone for now as we will assemble the character cut outs, electronics and wheels on this piece before connecting to the rest of the truck.

This guide was first published on Nov 20, 2018. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Constructing the Truck) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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