Cut Out Characters and Props

  • From page 6 of the PDF print out, cut out Adabot and Blinka*
  • Glue characters down onto a thin width-sized cardboard.
  • Use a pencil to draw a small rectangle sized slightly less than Blinka's length. (This will used as base to hold Blinka upright later so it doesn't have to be perfect)
  • Use a pencil to draw a small triangle shaped like an ice cream cone 
  • Use hobby knife to carefully cut out characters, base and cone.
  • For Adabot's antennae and Blinka's tongue, cut under, as they are too small to keep attached when cutting with cardboard. 

*For smaller parts like Adabot's antennae and Blinka's tongue, use a hobby knife. 

Ice cream!

  • From page 7 of the PDF print out, cut out the ice cream cone.
  • Glue one side of the back.
  • Curl into cone shape.
  • Take a ball of fake spider web the size of a fist (found at the dollar store or a halloween store). You can use cotton balls also.
  • Glue to top of cone.
  • Glue ice cream cone to top of truck.
  • Take a pea-sized amount of web and roll around in fingers.
  • Glue to top of small cone cut out.
  • Bend Adabot's shoulder and arm so it's reaching forward and glue small ice cream cone to hand.

Making Blinka's Seat

  • From page 8 of the PDF print out, cut out seat part and glue to medium to large width cardboard (can use same cardboard from the truck parts).
  • Glue one of the larger pieces to the other on the edges.
  • Add the smaller piece on its long side underneath one of the larger pieces .

Installing Blinka's Seat

  • Glue on Blinka's base.
  • Cut out a hook and corresponding loop piece that are the same size as Blinka's base.
  • Attach one piece to Blinka's base.
  • Attach the other to the truck seat.
  • Now Blinka can sit in her sit!
  • Measure about 55mm behind the front of the truck base and draw a line. This is where the seat will go.
  • Place front of seat up against this line and trace around the seat base with a pencil.
  • Glue seat in place, reenforcing where necessary.

Make wavin', ice cream slingin', Adabot!

  • Measure about 8cm of bamboo stick and use hands to break off the measured piece.
  • On the truck base, draw a point on the base of the truck 14mm to the left and 6 mm back from the left side starting at the back left corner of the piece that juts out in the middle.
  • At roughly a 20 degree angle to the right, use a pencil to create a hole where the point was drawn.
  • Take the 8cm bamboo skewer and stick in at the same angle.
  • Remove bamboo stick, add hot glue to hole, place stick back and hold in place until dry.*
  • Measure a roughly 2cm piece of cardboard and cut out.
  • Glue it towards the top of the bamboo stick.
  • Glue Adabot on front of cardboard piece. This will give Adabot a "popping out" effect from the truck window.

*This bamboo stick will later be pulled back and forth by a string attached to the servo giving Adabot a sort of waiving effect.

Looking Good!

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