Place a stack of paper underneath the pen, remove the cap, and turn on the Crickit! You can adjust the height of the pen relative to the armature by pushing it up or down inside of the holder.

Once the Crickit Harmonic Drawing Machine starts up, press the B button on the Circuit Playground Express two or three times to increase the speed of Motor 1. Then, watch your drawing develop!

You can stop at any time by moving the Circuit Playground Express slide switch to the left. Some beautiful images may emerge quickly. Or, let it run until you have a very dense image!

Adjust the Armature

Try another drawing, but this time change the location of the attachment point to the hub from one of the armature legs. This will skew the curves to one side and elongate them.

Offset Pen

Another interesting variable is the placement of the pen in relation to the end pivot. Here you can see the shorter, simpler armature with the pen quite a distance from the pivot. It creates a very different curve.

What sort of variations can you create by adjusting the pivots and motor speed?

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