Crickit Install for MakeCode

You can code your Crickit and Circuit Playground Express using MakeCode! Head on over to the Crickit with MakeCode guide to get set up!

Code Functions

The primary goal is to run the two motors at different speeds, with the ability to adjust one motor's speed and direction while the other remains constant.

Here are some of the ways we can achieve that goal:

  • Set initial speed of both motors to 70%
  • Graph the motor 1 speed with the CPX NeoPixel ring
  • Indicate the motor 1 direction with the Crickit's on-board NeoPixel
  • Decrease or increase motor 1 speed by clicking either the A or B button
  • Reverse direction of both motors by clicking both buttons at the same time
  • Pause both motors by flipping the on-board CPX switch to the left
  • Resume both motors by flipping the switch to the right

You can replicate the blocks as shown, and customize it if you like. 

When you're ready, plug in your Circuit Playground Express and upload the code to the board. Next, we'll make some drawings!

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