Find yourself a large, flat box, with enough surface area to accommodate all the electronics you want to mount on it. 

At this point, it's a good idea to lay out your electronics to get an idea for how they'll fit when mounted.

Some choices about where to arrange certain items must be made at this point, giving consideration to the placement of CRICKIT's various plugs and terminal blocks.

Sketch out placement of holes


Trace outlines of where you will need holes on cardboard box.

The holes cut in the box with make routing the cables to and from CRICKIT easy to organize.

For younger makers, we suggest having an older maker assist. All should be careful of sharp objects.

Cut out holes


Use something sharp (like a pen tip or tweezers) to poke  holes.

Use a box cutter to cut out the larger rectangular holes.

Your box should now be ready to install CRICKIT and all its assorted electronics.

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