Before building the box and mounting the components, it's a good idea to wire up the electronics and make sure everything is working!


  • In "Signal I/O" on CRICKIT, connect the wires of one button to signal and GND (doesn't matter which is which) on input 1
  • Repeat for second button on input 2


  • Orient potentiometer or "pot" like in the diagram above.
  • Connect alligator clip from middle pin of the pot to signal on input 8
  • Connect alligator clip from left pin of the pot to 3.3V on input 8
  • Connect alligator clip from right pin of the pot to GND on input 8

Capacitive Touch

  • Connect alligator clip from capacitive touch input 1 on CRICKIT to conductive tape.


  • Connect alligator clip from 5V on the NeoPixel strip to a breadboard wire then insert and screw down that wire to 5V on the NeoPixel input on CRICKIT.
  • Repeat for Data and GND wires.


  • Connect speaker wire to CRICKIT speaker input (orientation does not matter)

DC Motor

  • Connect DC motor wires to CRICKIT Motor input 1 (orientation does not matter)

Electromagnet and Solenoid

  • On the CRICKIT Drive section, screw in one cable from each the solenoid and the electromagnet into 5V
  • Screw in the other cables to Drive inputs 1 and 2 for the solenoid and the electromagnet respectively.

The Servo

  • Plug in the servo to Servo input 1 on the CRICKIT with the brown wire facing inward towards the CRICKIT.

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