After booting up, press the A button to generate a new project idea.

If you'd like simpler suggestions, press the B button to remove the second item from the proposed subject.

Generally, the generated project ideas work best as starting points or suggestions. For example: "make a VIDEO about METAL SINGING" could be a video about a heavy metal band, or someone playing the saw, or a crooning fork, etc. 

Customize it

You can easily add or remove words used by the generator by editing a single file.

For editing the CircuitPython code, we recommend using the Mu editor. Info for downloading and installing Mu can be found here.

Connect CLUE to your computer and open the CIRCUITPY drive.

Open the file named in the Mu editor.

You can delete or add items to the list, just remember to:

  • Indent each item with four spaces
  • Enclose each item in quotation marks
  • Follow each item with a single comma
  • Each item must have a length of 8 characters or less

This guide was first published on Apr 08, 2020. It was last updated on Feb 27, 2024.

This page (Usage & Customization) was last updated on Apr 01, 2020.

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