This project will show you how to create your first tile map game with CircuitPython. We will learn how to make and modify indexed bmp graphics for the game. ugame is used for device agnostic control handling. See how to use spreadsheet applications to create and edit game maps. 

Everything will come together in a sample game with two levels. Once you reach the end of the guide you'll have all the tools you need to customize the sample game or create one of your very own!

The guide is meant to be used with any of these devices: PyGamer, PyBadge, PyBadge LC, Edge Badge, or Pew Pew M4.


Angled shot of Adafruit PyGamer for MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython or Arduino.
What fits in your pocket, is fully Open Source, and can run CircuitPython, MakeCode Arcade or Arduino games you write yourself? That's right, it's the Adafruit...
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Angled shot of a Adafruit PyBadge for MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython, or Arduino.
What's the size of a credit card and can run CircuitPython, MakeCode Arcade or Arduino? That's right, its the Adafruit PyBadge! We wanted to see how much we...
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Angled shot of Adafruit PyBadge - Low Cost.
What's the size of a credit card and can run CircuitPython, MakeCode Arcade or Arduino even when you're on a budget? That's right, it's the Adafruit...
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Top view of Adafruit EdgeBadge - Display reads "Test the TensorFlow lite voice model. Press and hold A button, say YES or NO, and see if the machine learned!".
Machine learning has come to the 'edge' - small microcontrollers that can run a very miniature version of TensorFlow Lite to do ML computations. But you don't...
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Adafruit PyGamer Starter Kit with PCB, enclosure, buttons, and storage bag
Please note: you may get a royal blue or purple case with your starter kit (they're both lovely colors)What fits in your pocket, is fully Open...
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Angled shot of 10 plastic button caps colored reddish-orange, yellow, white, and black.
These Reese's Piece's lookin' bits fit perfectly on top of tactile buttons with 2.4mm square tops and give a satisfying 8mm diameter surface area for your fingers to...
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Adafruit PyGamer Acrylic Enclosure Kit
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