State Machine

At the highest level inside the main loop, the game program uses a state machine to behave the correct way at any given time, based on what the player has done so far. If you don't know what a state machine is, or just want a refresher there is a nice guide here:


The state machine in this game uses numbers to track the state and we give each number a descriptive variable name to use in the code.

The current state that the state machine is in gets stored in GAME_STATE["STATE"]. All of the possible states are in tilegame_assets\

# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 FoamyGuy for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

# State machine constants

# playing the game: draw the map, listen for D-pad buttons to move player

# player beat this map level

# waiting for player to press A button to continue

# player lost by touching sparky

# minerva shows a fun fact

The "STATE" item within the GAME_STATE dictionary is the only one that refers to the state machine logic. 

The rest of the items in the GAME_STATE dictionary store information about the current game and map. 

Here are the starting values:

    # hold the map state as it came out of the csv. Only holds non-entities.
    "ORIGINAL_MAP": {},
    # hold the current map state as it changes. Only holds non-entities.
    "CURRENT_MAP": {},
    # Dictionary with touple keys that map to lists of entity objects.
    # Each one has the index of the sprite in the ENTITY_SPRITES list
    # and the tile type string
    # hold the location of the player in tile coordinates
    "PLAYER_LOC": (0, 0),
    # list of items the player has in inventory
    "INVENTORY": [],
    # how many hearts there are in this map level
    "TOTAL_HEARTS": 0,
    # sprite object to draw for the player
    "PLAYER_SPRITE": None,
    # size of the map
    "MAP_WIDTH": 0,
    "MAP_HEIGHT": 0,
    # which map level within MAPS we are currently playing
    "MAP_INDEX": 0,
    # current state of the state machine 

Their values will change as the map gets loaded and the player moves around and does things within the game. 

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