To use all the amazing features of your MatrixPortal M4 with CircuitPython, you must first install a number of libraries. This page covers that process.

Adafruit CircuitPython Bundle

Download the Adafruit CircuitPython Library Bundle. You can find the latest release here:

Download the adafruit-circuitpython-bundle-version-mpy-*.zip bundle zip file, and unzip a folder of the same name. Inside you'll find a lib folder. The entire collection of libraries is too large to fit on the CIRCUITPY drive. Instead, add each library as you need it, this will reduce the space usage but you'll need to put in a little more effort.

At a minimum we recommend the following libraries, in fact we more than recommend. They're basically required. So grab them and install them into CIRCUITPY/lib now!

  • adafruit_matrixportal - this library is the main library used with the MatrixPortal.
  • adafruit_debouncer.mpy - this library is used for debouncing a digital input pin
  • adafruit_portalbase - This is the base library that adafruit_matrixportal is built on top of.
  • adafruit_esp32spi - this is the library that gives you internet access via the ESP32 using (you guessed it!) SPI transport. You need this for anything Internet
  • neopixel.mpy - for controlling the onboard neopixel
  • adafruit_bus_device - low level support for I2C/SPI
  • adafruit_requests.mpy - this library allows us to perform HTTP requests and get responses back from servers. GET/POST/PUT/PATCH - they're all in here!
  • adafruit_fakerequests.mpy  - This library allows you to create fake HTTP requests by using local files.
  • adafruit_io - this library helps connect the PyPortal to our free data logging and viewing service
  • adafruit_bitmap_font - we have fancy font support, and it's easy to make new fonts. This library reads and parses font files.
  • adafruit_display_text - not surprisingly, it displays text on the screen
  • adafruit_lis3dh.mpy - this library is used for the onboard accelerometer to detect the orientation of the MatrixPortal
  • adafruit_minimqtt - this is used for communicating with MQTT servers.

This guide was first published on Oct 20, 2020. It was last updated on Jul 14, 2024.

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