Converting a full resolution looping GIF to a 32x32 looping GIF is quite easy thanks to We always want to crop before resizing, so start by choosing GIF Crop at

Copy the "Fight Fight!" Image URL from Steve Weebly's site.

Paste the URL to the GIF we want to convert, and press "Upload!".

Wait until the GIF has fully uploaded. You can tell it's ready when it starts playing back at normal speed and your mouse turns into a crosshair when you hover over the GIF. Roughly draw a square over the area you want to crop. Either use the handles on the crop area to adjust or manually adjust the numbers until the width and height are exactly the same. It's easier to make rough adjustments with the square and finalize the numbers by typing in the box. Make sure you press "set" after making any manual adjustments.

There are two options for conversion tool, "Gifsicle" and "ImageMagick". We've seen better results with "Gifsicle" so choose that option. Press "Crop It" and wait for the cropped gif to appear below the button. You can make any adjustments needed and press "Crop It" again until you're satisfied with the result.

To get to the next step, find the toolbar right below your cropped image (don't use the toolbar at the top which would reset all the work you just did!) and press "resize". Your cropped image will now be the input file to the resize tool. This part is easy, just put in "32" for both width and height, choose "Gifsicle" again, and press "Resize It". Scroll down and see your final result, a 32x32 GIF. Press "Save" to save a copy to your computer which you can load onto a microSD card for playing through your SmartMatrix Shield.

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