Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible if:

  • You are missing an item from your box.
  • Items in your box were damaged in shipping.
  • The tracking notes your AdaBox has been delivered, but you have not received the parcel. We can not replace missing AdaBoxes reported more than 90 days after shipment.

You can look in the Adafruit Learning System to see AdaBox unpacking guides and projects you can build with your specific AdaBox.

If you’ve received your AdaBox and are experiencing issues getting any of the items to work, please create a post in the Adafruit Forums. In the forums, you can start a dialogue with one of our engineers who will be able to assist. The engineers in the forums are also able to authorize replacements if necessary.

Fun fact, you can also show us what you made with your AdaBox here

For more AdaBox info please be sure to check out our AdaBox FAQ here:

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