Each quarter our system will initiate an authorization attempt for your upcoming AdaBox on the card associated with your subscription. If there is an issue with the payment method or billing/shipping address associated with your subscription, you will receive an automated email requesting you to update your subscription. The automated email will contain:

  • The identification number of the subscription experiencing the issue.
  • A brief note about what information needs to be updated.
  • Information about a second attempt to process your information.
  • The deadline for corrections to your subscription before the subscription is canceled.
  • The date of the most recent attempt.

You can quickly and easily resolve the issue by logging into your Adafruit account and clicking Subscriptions followed by Manage your AdaBox subscription.  Please proceed to update your information as needed.

You will receive an automated email notifying you that your subscription has been automatically canceled if the payment or address details were not resolved.

You can reactivate your subscription by updating your information and clicking the Reactivate button located in the Status section. If you are unsure if your account has been successfully updated please contact us.

AdaBox Shipping Status

After a successful authorization attempt, your box will begin the shipping process. Your AdaBox can take up to 2 weeks to ship from when the payment is authorized.

As soon as your AdaBox ships, your subscription status will update to shipped and you will receive an automated email containing your tracking number.

Please note, our shipping station is automated. If you would like to ship your AdaBox to an alternative address, your subscription must be updated at least 1 week before your box is being prepared to ship.

  • If your box is being prepared to ship, please update your subscription and contact us to confirm your updated shipping address for the AdaBox being processed.
  • If your box has been marked as shipped please contact [email protected] to see if your package is eligible for a redirect. Redirects incur UPS fees and are not available for all locations.

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