Code for Arduino Micro/Leonardo/Yun

Here is the source code for Arduino Micro and other ATmega32u4 based boards.

/* Example program for from IRLib 2 – an Arduino library for infrared encoding and decoding
 * Version 2.0  April 2017 by Chris Young
 * "IRmouse" Control a PCs mouse or arrow keys using an IR remote
#include <Mouse.h>
#include <Keyboard.h>
#include <IRLibAll.h>
#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>
//The IR codes shown below are for the Adafruit mini remote
//which uses an easy protocol. The comments after each code refer to the buttons
//on that remote and not to their actual function on this device.
//Codes used by both mouse and arrow modes
#define CodeAlt   0xfd00ff //Vol-
#define CodeCtrl 0xfd807f //Play/Pause
#define CodeShift 0xfd40bf //Vol+
#define CodeRls   0xfda857 //5
#define CodeMode 0xfd9867 //8
//Used by mouse and arrow but have different meanings
#define CodeUp 0xfda05f //Up arrow
#define CodeDown 0xfdb04f //Down arrow
#define CodeLeft 0xfd10ef //Left arrow
#define CodeRight 0xfd50af //Right arrow
//Used only in mouse mode
#define CodeUpLf 0xfd20df //Set up
#define CodeUpRt 0xfd609f //Stop/mode
#define CodeLfClk 0xfd906f //Enter/save
#define CodeDnLf 0xfd30cf //0 10+
#define CodeDnRt 0xfd708f //Repeat
#define CodeLfDrag 0xfd08f7 //1
#define CodeRtDrag 0xfd8877 //2
#define CodeRtClk 0xfd48b7 //3
#define CodeFaster  0xfd28d7 //4
#define CodeScrUp 0xfd6897 //6
#define CodeSlower 0xfd18e7 //7
#define CodeScrDn 0xfd58a7 //9
//Arrow mode only
#define CodeHome 0xfd20df //Set up
#define CodePgUp 0xfd609f //Stop/mode
#define CodeEnter 0xfd906f //Enter/save
#define CodeEnd 0xfd30cf //0 10+
#define CodePgDn 0xfd708f //Repeat
#define CodeGUI 0xfd08f7 //1
#define CodeInsert 0xfd8877 //2
#define CodeDelete 0xfd48b7 //3
#define CodeBkSp 0xfd28d7 //4
#define CodeSpace 0xfd6897 //6
#define CodeEsc 0xfd18e7 //7
#define CodeTab 0xfd58a7 //9
#define Bright  16  //brightness of pixels
#define MOUSE_MODE 0
#define ARROW_MODE 1
#define MOUSE_LED 0
#define SHIFT_LED 1
Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(2, 6, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800);//Output pin 6
IRrecv myReceiver(11);  //Input pin 11
IRdecodeNEC myDecoder;
int Speed;
int Current_Mode;
char Control_State;
char Shift_State;
char Alt_State;
long Previous;
uint32_t Shift_Status, Mouse_Status;
void UpdateStatus () {
//This Change_Mode routine is overly complex but it's a holdover from earlier code
//where I had three modes instead of two. Note we do not want to repeat feature
//on this function or on the toggle functions so we set Previous=0
void Change_Mode () {
  Current_Mode=(++Current_Mode) % MAX_MODE;
  Previous=0;   UpdateStatus(); delay(500);
void setup() {
  Shift_Status=0;   Mouse_Status=0;
  myReceiver.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
  Control_State=0; Shift_State=0; Alt_State=0;
  Speed=8;  Previous=0;   UpdateStatus();
void Toggle_Mouse(int Button) {
  if(Mouse.isPressed(Button)) Mouse.release(Button); 
  Previous=0; UpdateStatus();  delay(500);  
void Mouse_Mode() {
  switch (myDecoder.value) {
  case CodeLeft:       Mouse.move(-Speed,0,0);     break;
  case CodeRight:      Mouse.move( Speed,0,0);     break;
  case CodeUp:         Mouse.move(0,-Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeDown:       Mouse.move(0, Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeUpRt:       Mouse.move( Speed,-Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeUpLf:       Mouse.move(-Speed,-Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeDnLf:       Mouse.move(-Speed, Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeDnRt:       Mouse.move( Speed, Speed,0);     break;
  case CodeLfClk:      Mouse.release(MOUSE_LEFT);; delay(400);break;
  case CodeRtClk:      Mouse.release(MOUSE_RIGHT);; delay(400);break;
  case CodeLfDrag:     Toggle_Mouse(MOUSE_LEFT);     break;
  case CodeRtDrag:     Toggle_Mouse(MOUSE_RIGHT);     break;
  case CodeFaster:     Speed=min(30,++Speed); delay(100); break;
  case CodeSlower:     Speed=max(1,--Speed); delay(100); break;
  case CodeScrUp:      Mouse.move(0,0,1); delay(100);    break;
  case CodeScrDn:      Mouse.move(0,0,-1); delay(100);     break;
void Toggle_Key(char *Toggle,char Key) {
    Keyboard.release(Key);  *Toggle=0;
  else{;    *Toggle=1;
  Previous=0; UpdateStatus(); delay(500);
//Releases all held mouse buttons and toggle keys
void Release_All() {
  Mouse.release(MOUSE_LEFT);   Mouse.release(MOUSE_RIGHT);   Mouse.release(MOUSE_MIDDLE);
  Alt_State=0;   Control_State=0;   Shift_State=0;  
//In my experience some keys work better if you put a little extra delay.
void Key_Press (char Key,int D) {
  Keyboard.write(Key);   delay(150+D);
void Arrow_Mode() {
  switch (myDecoder.value) {
    case CodeLeft:   Key_Press(KEY_LEFT_ARROW,0); break;
    case CodeRight:  Key_Press(KEY_RIGHT_ARROW,0); break;
    case CodeUp:     Key_Press(KEY_UP_ARROW,0); break;
    case CodeDown:   Key_Press(KEY_DOWN_ARROW,0); break;
    case CodeInsert: Key_Press(KEY_INSERT,100); break;   
    case CodeDelete: Key_Press(KEY_DELETE,100); break;
    case CodeEnter:  Key_Press(KEY_RETURN,100); break;
    case CodeBkSp:   Key_Press(KEY_BACKSPACE,100); break;
    case CodePgUp:   Key_Press(KEY_PAGE_UP,200); break;
    case CodePgDn:   Key_Press(KEY_PAGE_DOWN,200); break;
    case CodeHome:   Key_Press(KEY_HOME,0); break;
    case CodeEnd:    Key_Press(KEY_END,0); break;
    case CodeGUI:    Key_Press(KEY_LEFT_GUI, 100); break;
    case CodeSpace:  Key_Press(32, 100); break;//ASCII space
    case CodeEsc:    Key_Press(KEY_ESC, 100); break;
    case CodeTab:    Key_Press(KEY_TAB, 100); break;
//You can uncomment and use this routine to send control characters such as
//control-z for an undo button or control-c for copy etc.
void Send_Control(char Key,int D) {
 Keyboard.write(Key); Release_All();delay(150+D); Update ();
void loop() {
  if (myReceiver.getResults()) {
    //Adafruit remote uses NEC protocol which sends a special repeat code
    //if you are holding down the same button. We store each received code
    //in "Previous" so that we can properly handle repeat codes.
    switch(Current_Mode) {
      case MOUSE_MODE: Mouse_Mode(); break; 
      case ARROW_MODE: Arrow_Mode(); break; 
    switch (myDecoder.value) {
      case CodeMode:  Change_Mode(); break;
      case CodeAlt:   Toggle_Key(&Alt_State,KEY_LEFT_ALT); break;
      case CodeShift: Toggle_Key(&Shift_State,KEY_LEFT_SHIFT); break;
      case CodeCtrl:  Toggle_Key(&Control_State,KEY_LEFT_CTRL); break;
      case CodeRls:   Release_All(); break;
    myReceiver.enableIRIn(); // Re-Start the receiver

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