Sending your playground book to the iPad using AirDrop

• Right-click the playground book in Finder, then scroll down to Share then select AirDrop.

A pop-up window will show up. Select your iPad in the pop-up window. You may then see a popover window on the iPad asking you to accept the file transfer.  Press OK.

Don't forget to enable the Bluetooth in your iPad.

On the iPad, in the Swift Playgrounds app, your new playground book should be the first in the collection of playground books shown. It will be titled Playground Template.

Open up your playground book to see it's contents. Of course this book is empty, there aren't any contents.

If all goes well, you should have your playground book template running on your iPad! With Playground books you can be as creative as you wanna be. You can take advantage of real iOS frameworks like UIKit or CoreMotion to bring your ideas to life. 

In the next page, we'll go more in-depth on the structure of the playground book.

This guide was first published on Dec 22, 2017. It was last updated on Nov 14, 2017.

This page (Sending a Playground Book) was last updated on Dec 22, 2017.

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