Downloading and opening a Playground Book

I've created an empty playground book with an Always-On Live view and a debug log setup (You can delete the debug log if you wish). Instead of creating a playground book from scratch, I'd recommend downloading the template playground book that we provide.

You can download the blank playground book template here:

As a reference, I've also created a Swift Playground book for use with Adafruit's Bluetooth LE Devices.  Download it here:

To open your playground book:

• Locate the Playground Template.playgroundbook you downloaded and open the file.

• Once the file is open, right-click the playground book icon and select "Reveal in Project Navigator".

• Now, you should see the File Hierarchy on the left side of the project window.

• In the file hierarchy, open Contents -> Chapters -> Chapter 1 -> Pages -> Page 1 -> Contents.swift

This is where you'll be doing some of your programming.

Before starting, be aware that there is no code-completion when opening a selected file in Xcode. There will be a bit of trial and error, but we'll move through that. 

Now to test our playground book, we'll need to send it to the iPad. The easiest way to send the playground book in my opinion would be sending the Playground book to the iPad using AirDrop.

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