3D Parts

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below.

Spool Inner Diameter

The spool holder in this project is designed to house spools with an inner diameter of ~1-inch. 

  • 24.50 mm

Design Source

The project source file is available to download and contains original sketches and parametric timeline. The fusion 360 archive features user parameters for quickly adjusting the diameter of the spool holder, shell thickness and overall tolerance of the snap fits.

Design Source

The project source file is available to download and contains original sketches and parametric timeline. Use the fusion 360 archive or STEP file. 

Gyroid Infill

The top cover is printed with Gyroid infill so it has this neat pattern that makes it a bit stretchy.  In the CURA slicing software, set the top and bottom layers to 0 and the infill pattern to Gyroid

We wanted the cover to have this effect so that I could see the solder spool through the top.

Surface Patterns

This technique could also be done using different patterns such as the triangles or a honeycomb. This could be one way to create grills for ventilation or speaker holes. It's an easy way to add a little bit of complexity to an otherwise simple part.


The parts are printed using a combination of colors. The adabot head box is dual extruded using a teal and white color while the pupils are printed separately in black and glued on after.

Single color versions are available in the parts list below. 

Build Plate Adhesion

The CSS-holder.stl part has a small surface area that could get knocked off the build plate while printing. A brim will improve the adhesion to the bed. This adds a single layer around the perimeter of the model. This thin layer can be removed after printing by peeling it from the bottom.

Here's list of the parts with their assigned colors I used in this project. Feel free to use whatever colors you like!

  • Light Blue – Head, Top Cover, Spool Cover
  • White - Eyes, Mouth
  • Blue – Left Antenna, Crank
  • Pink – Spool Holder
  • Black – Pupils

Parts List

  • CSS-box-head.stl
  • CSS-eye.stl
  • CSS-mouth.stl
  • CSS-holder.stl
  • CSS-top-blank.stl
  • CSS-crank-cover.stl
  • CSS-crank-ear.stl
  • CSS-crank-handle.stl
  • CSS-pupil.stl
  • CSS-top-bolt.stl
  • CSS-antenna.stl

Dual Extruded Parts (Optional)

  • CSS-box-head-a.stl
  • CSS-box-head-b.stl

Dual Extruded Crank

The crank was dual extruded in teal and dark blue but it can be printed in a single color. The antenna on the other ear is printed in just a dark blue and snap fits into the little ear cup piece.

PLA Filament

Here's a list of filaments I used in this project. Some can be purchased in either 2.85mm or 1.75mm dimeters, use whichever fits your 3D printer.

Note: Adafruit does not carry all the filament types used. Search on Amazon or other distributors for the other types of filament.

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