With your lights assembled and programmed to glow, you're ready to put the whole hand together! Follow the instructions for your version below.

LED Sequin Hand

Put batteries in their holder and plug it into the CPX if you haven't already.

Then insert the paper circuit hand into the masking tape hand by carefully curling the sides up slightly around the CPX board.

Aim the fingers for the corresponding openings. Have patience! It's a little like trying to put gloves on a toddler -- there will be bent fingers and fingers in the wrong hole before you get it all sorted out.

When the cardstock hand is as far in as it will go, you can close the seam in the palm. Match up the two sides as best you can and secure them with more strips of masking tape.

If the cardstock "wrist" is sticking out the bottom, or if the bottom edge is too uneven to stand on its own, add more masking tape until the hand can balance on its own.

To start the lights and music playing, turn on the batteries, then touch the strip of fabric tape you connected from Pin A1 to the cardstock extension.

The lights will shine through where you placed them on the outline of the hand circuit inside.

If you also programmed the onboard LEDs on the CPX to flash, the entire palm will light up.

It's an impressive effect using simple tools. Enjoy!

NeoPixel Strand Hand

To get the NeoPixel Strand inside the hand, start by inserting the end into the pinky as far as it will go.

Then gently bend the strand to make a loop about the length of the next finger. Try to keep the LEDs facing out. Insert the loop into the finger as far as it will go.

Keep going the same way with the other fingers. It should get easier as the fingers get bigger.

If there is any strand left after you do the thumb, curl it up inside the palm, with the LEDs facing out.

There should be enough extra wire where the two connectors meet to place the CPX outside the hand. That means you can use the buttons or the light sensor if you wish to trigger the NeoPixels!

The NeoPixel strand should light up almost the entire hand. You can create some neat effects by using different animations. And because the CPX is accessible in this version, you can keep experimenting even after you put the lights inside the hand.

Have fun!

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