Glow Putty

We’ using this glow in the dark putty to create a slime that we can adorn along the rim of the cauldron.

This stuff has a thick clay like formulation so its not runny like regular slime which makes it less messy.

Add Putty

You can make it look like it’s dripping by adding little bits along the top and letting them droop over time, it almost looks like melted candle wax.

Never touch dry ice to your skin.

Dry Ice

When working with Dry Ice, you always need to be safe so handle this stuff with tongs. We got a pack of dry ice from our local grocery market.

Cups and Pouring Spouts

This appetizer cup holds about 2 ounces and fits nicely inside the bowl of our cauldron. Be sure to use hot water and container that has a pouring spout.

Dry Ice Fog

Here we’re using just a small amount of hot water. This lasts about a minute before the fog cuts out. So if you want to make the effect last longer, you’ll need to switch out with cold water. You'll want to be careful not to spill anything on your work surface.

Going Further

This could become much more sophisticated and control things like servos and motors to move things like the fog and slime. The onboard accelerometer, temp and light sensors could be used to change things like the colors of the LEDs or trigger sounds.

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