• Take inventory at least twice before leaving home. Visualize yourself suiting up, and actually touch each item as you go, to verify it’s present. The saddest thing in the world is leaving some vital costume piece behind!
  • If it’s a long road trip to an event, cover costumes and materials with a white sheet or moving pad. Hot cars can melt cosplay materials like Worbla.
  • Smash-and-grab crime is on the rise. If parking and leaving a beloved costume unattended for any length of time…
    • Do not leave costumes in Pelican cases or Rubbermaid Action Packers…or, if you must, then take the lid off, or even spread costume parts around the car trunk and re-pack it later. Similar cases are used for hauling A/V gear or power tools, and a thief’s not stopping to take inventory. Five seconds. They smash, they grab, they size it up later, elsewhere…and dump.
    • Apple AirTags are about $25 each and can help locate lost items. They will not prevent theft, but might help recovery. Add a hidden pocket for one.
  • In addition from lost item recovery (above), AirTags can be used as a positional beacon for meeting up with friends (tag locations can be shared with trusted people) for costumes that are too unwieldy for phone use.
  • IKEA FRAKTA shopping bags (19 gallon, large) are a great size for cosplay day trips. Durable, folds up in your convention bag, inexpensive ($1.50 at IKEA, $5 on eBay). STORSTOMMA is a more durable version, $4 at IKEA, in festive pride colors.
  • If there’s potable water, don’t haul a bunch of bottled water or Gatorade to an event. Use a refillable bottle and electrolyte tablets or Gatorade powder.
  • Soda bottle preforms (“baby soda bottles”) are waterproof and indestructible. Ideal for one con-worth of Gatorade powder, vitamins, or a tiny sewing kit.
  • For outdoor events, bring plastic bags for packing your costume footwearIf…when…you step in something, this keeps it from sullying other parts of the costume. Bring some spares for drinks and snacks, too!
  • “Visit” a location beforehand with Google Maps; know where vital shops and supplies are.
  • Hotels and convention centers have floor plans online; scope out discreet break areas, restrooms and water fountain locations ahead of time.
  • Over-the-door hooks take little space and provide extra costume-hanging spots in hotel rooms. Never, never use the fire sprinkler head!
  • If your cosplay involves make-up, bring your own washcloths instead of trashing the hotel’s. Pick something other than white, as that’s most hotels’ standard towel color and housekeeping might haul it off with the laundry.
  • If overnighting at a “badge con” (as opposed to “wristband con”) and have gaffer’s or sports tape in your repair kit (you should!), securely tape your RFID room key card to the back of your convention badge. One less item to carry!

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