As silly and asinine as cosplay may seem, it does require some underlying sense of seriousness. High-energy cosplay has elements of endurance sports like cycling or running, and—with large, heavy costumes—specific dangers as with diving or mountaineering. I’ve personally seen some of these “silly and asinine” costume outings end in ambulance rides. It’s not all solemn business, but please do take care of your body’s needs while out having fun…

  • Live by the 6-2-1 rule” for self-care at conventions: each day get at least6 hours sleep, 2 square meals and 1 shower. These are minimums!
  • Always do a site walkaround before costuming, even in familiar venues. Scope out hazards and safe spots. Know where there’s water, first aid, and if there’s a cosplay repair station.
  • With bulky suits with limited vision and mobility, a costume handler can be your eyes and ears. Handlers should…
    • Stay focused. No texting, gaming or photography. If the cosplayer want pictures or video, bring an extra person specifically for that task.
    • Anticipate and avoid bad situations (trip hazards, fragile merchandise, etc.). Reacting to a problem is too late!

But you probably know that already. The hack here is…

Move to a new position every 15 seconds, a technique professional bodyguards use to stay sharp and see every angle. Use phone or watch interval timer apps.

  • Take good care of your handlers, they actually have the harder job! Buy a meal, help with gas or expenses.
  • Hydrate or diedrate! Dilute Gatorade with water, 1:1 mix or even less. Full strength is too sweet and can upset your gut. Vomiting is rarely in character.
  • CLIF SHOT or GU energy gel are small glucose packets that provide a short burst of energy if you “crash” while performing. Cyclists and runners swear by this stuff!

A bit sticky, so eat with care around costumes, and discard packet in a bag or trash can immediately.

This guide was first published on Sep 06, 2022. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Safety & Self-Care) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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