Period costumes: Cleopatra, Red Death (Phantom of the Opera), Queen Elizabeth III
Image: @Komickrazi

For Photographers:

  • Recording video or photos around a convention: call out “video!” or “stills!” so your subject can perform or pose accordingly. It’s not always clear now with phones and DSLR cameras.
  • Respect cosplayers’ downtime. Sure it’s “public space,” but nobody wants to be photographed when they’re a hot mess. Thank you! If you simply must have that slice-of-life con lunch photo, consider staging it.
  • If tasked with pictures of a specific costumer around an event, spend at least half your time ahead of them. There’s no frustration quite like peeling off a complicated suit and then finding out it’s all pictures of your back side. That said…do try to work in some other angles! Reaction shots are nice to see.
  • Allow cosplayers a couple of their own poses before requesting your own. When directing poses, respect the performer and character’s bounds, no spicy “off-limits” situations.

For Cosplayers:

  • Look off-camera in some photos, gesture a bit, tell a story without any words! Some eye contact is good, but in every photo it starts to resemble a school yearbook.

Image: @Komickrazi

  • Do not stop in doorways, at ends of escalators or in high-traffic areas. If someone wants a photo, lead them to a better location.

Photos/selfies while in costume with gloved hands:

  • Most cell phones have voice commands for opening the camera app and snapping photos.
  • The volume buttons on most phones (and some wired earbuds) work as a shutter control.
  • The Back Tap feature on newer iPhones can be configured to open the Camera app, even when locked.
  • “Selfie sticks” often bundle a separate Bluetooth trigger, useful even without the stick (which are often banned in crowded event spaces).

Adafruit projects on this page: MONSTER M4SK Toon Hat.

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