• Good performing adds more to a costume than any high-tech material or special effect. Best of all, it costs and weighs nothing!


  • Staying too in-character can sometimes make others uncomfortable. Know when to drop it; if you like, use a hushed voice to answer questions. Eye contact is a good indicator whether someone is engaged or put off!
  • Get a helper or record yourself in costume to get a feel for your movement. Practice posing to see how you look to others when interacting or in photos.
  • Read the Twelve Principles of Animation on Wikipedia — many are rooted in classic theatre and apply even to the most human of characters, just framed in the enjoyable context of cartoons.
  • Don’t just stand there! Breathe, look around, scratch yourself! Think about the idle animations in video games, and be like that.
  • If nothing else, even just a distinct walk and a couple of standing poses can make the difference between wearing a costume and being the character.

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