You will need some basic electronics tools in order to complete this project.

If don't already have these things, you might want to take a quick trip over to the Adafruit Store and pick up Ladyada's Electronics Toolkit which will get you going with just about all the tools that you'll need. You'll still need to get your hands on a 7/32 hex socket though.

If you already have tools, go ahead and make sure you have the following available:
7/32 Hex Socket

The shell of the Model M is held together using 4 7/32"
hex bolts. You should either use a screwdriver with a hex driver head attached, or a ratchet with an elongated socket that can reach a few centimeters deep. If you only have metric sockets 6mm may work but be careful not to round over the corners of the hex.
Soldering iron

Any entry level 'all-in-one' soldering iron that you might find at your local hardware store should work. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Upgrading to a higher end soldering iron setup, like the Hakko FX-888 that we stock in our store, will make soldering fun and easy.

Click here to buy our entry level adjustable 30W 110V soldering iron.

Click here to upgrade to a Genuine Hakko FX-888 adjustable temperature soldering iron.
Flush Diagonal Cutters

You will need flush diagonal cutters to trim the wires and leads off of components once you have soldered them in place.

Click here to buy our favorite cutters.

For this project you might not absolutely NEED a multimeter, but it will be very useful to check continuity as you assemble the parts. Even the most basic multimeter can check continuity, so I recommend picking one up if you don't have one already.

Click here to buy a basic multimeter.

Click here to buy a top of the line multimeter.

Click here to buy a pocket multimeter.
Solder Sucker

Strangely enough, that's the technical term for this desoldering vacuum tool. Useful in cleaning up mistakes, every electrical engineer has one of these on their desk.

Click here to buy a one.
Solid Core Hook-up Wire

If you don't already have a plentiful stock of hook-up wire on your bench, you might want to pick some up. This set has a nice variety of colors with a convenient set up for dispensing lengths of wire.

Click here to purchase this from the Adafruit store

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