This section discusses the three modes of the RFID WIZ. 

Two of the modes are accessed by flipping the RELEASE switch.

  • INSTANT Mode - The relay and 5V logic output will release as soon as the tag is removed from the reader board. 
  • DELAYED mode - The relay and 5V logic output will hold its state for 5 seconds after the tag is removed, and then it releases. This is useful for magnetic locks (maglocks) and other devices that need some time to "do their thing" (i.e. giving time for a spring to push a maglocked door open) 

The third mode is TOGGLE mode. 

  • TOGGLE mode is accessed by tapping the TRAIN button 3 times. In this mode, the state of the relay and 5v logic output is flipped every time the reader board sees a trained tag. It will hold that state until it sees a trained tag again. TOGGLE mode is indicated by an amber light on the Status LED. 
  • TOGGLE mode ignores the state of the RELEASE switch.

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