The RFID WIZ board has 2 power input sections and 2 signal output sections.

Power Input

Power input screw terminals (left) and power input barrel jack (right)

RFID WIZ needs 6-12VDC to operate. This can be provided via the Vin and GND screw terminals or the 2.1mm barrel jack.

Signal Output

Relay output (left) and 5V logic output (right)

RFID WIZ has two signal outputs, both of which change state when the RFID WIZ is triggered:

  1. Relay output, which is broken into three screw terminals, NO, C, and NC:
    • If the relay is untriggered, the NC pin (Normally Connected) is mechanically connected to COM. NO (Normally Open) is mechanically disconnected.
    • When the relay is triggered, NC becomes disconnected from COM and NO is connected to COM
  2. 5V Logic output, which has two states:
    • High (SIG pin outputs 5V) when the board is triggered
    • Low (SIG pin is tied to GND) when the board is untriggered


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