Cut three pieces of jumper wire ~5cm in length and strip ~7mm of insulation from each end.

Servo to Feather wiring

Use the jumpers to make the following connections between the servo & Feather board:

  • Servo yellow wire to Feather pin 5
  • Servo orange wire to Feather pin USB
  • Servo brown wire to Feather pin GND

Add pointer

The big pointer is optional – a basic servo horn works as well.

Attach one of the servo’s included horns by press-fitting it onto the output shaft. If you don’t plan on adding pointer, go ahead and screw the horn in place.

A “craft stick”, aka - tongue depressor, works well for this. Use scissors or flush cutters to trim one end to a point. Use a nail or small drill to make small hole near the opposite end for the mounting screw. Add additional customization as desired. I painted my pointer green because it's the human eye’s most favorite color.

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