To make a message appear each time the button is pressed, we are going to write a short Python program, so exit the Python Console by typing:
>>> exit()
This should take you back to the Linux prompt.

Enter the following command to create a new files called
# nano
Now paste the code below into the editor window.
import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO
import time

GPIO.setup("P8_12", GPIO.IN)

old_switch_state = 0

while True:
    new_switch_state = GPIO.input("P8_12")
    if new_switch_state == 1 and old_switch_state == 0 :
        print('Do not press this button again!')
    old_switch_state = new_switch_state
Save and exit the editor using CTRL-x and the Y to confirm.

To start the program, enter the command:
# python
Each time you press the button, you should see a message.
# python 
Do not press this button again!
Do not press this button again!
When you want to stop the program, use CTRL-c.

We only want the message to appear when the button is pressed. To prevent the message appearing continuously as long as the button is held down the variable old_switch_state is used and the message only displayed when the switch goes from not being pressed to being pressed.

The time.sleep command is a simple way to avoid switch bounce, which would cause the message to appear twice if the switch contacts did not close cleanly when the button is pressed.

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