DC Jack

  • Take the DC connector we soldered from before with the cable gland loosely attached and slide it through the drilled hole on the left side of the enclosure.
  • Make sure to slide the small plastic twist component through the other side of the DC jack before plugging it into the solar LiPo unit.
  • Screw the entire gable gland together. It is now waterproof.

Circuit Playground Express and Sensors

  • With the other cable gland, unscrew the small plastic piece and slide it through the sensors.
  • Slide the sensors through the other drilled hole in the enclosure.
  • Slide the other part of the cable gland through the sensors.
  • Screw the cable gland together.
  • Screw the M3 screws over the CPX into the standoffs.

Solar Panel Instillation

  • Cut one 2" piece of 3/8" heat shrink.
  • Connect the solar panel DC jack with the DC adapter cable.
  • Pull the heat shrink over the connected cables and activate.
  • Connect the adapter to the DC jack from the enclosure and screw on the plastic piece keeping the O-ring up against the female end to keep out moisture.

Plug the JST connector from the LiPo charger into the CPX.

Screw in the 4 plastic enclosure screws and we are in business!

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