This project was quite a rollercoaster. I learned so much in the process. Like:

  • Popsicle sticks are a cheap way to build a sturdy mounting system inside an enclosure but... popsicle sticks are cheap. Popsicle sticks will break a lot. Take a break from looking at popsicle sticks after this project.
  • Using a table or object you can drill into helps tremendously when drilling with a clamp.
  • It's better to leave inches as fractions than decimals as most rulers are measured in 1/16s of an inch.
  • Don’t use the wrong size drill bit...
  • Drill before cutting off popsicle stick excess. The holes have a tendency to strip if you don't.
  • Make sure dimensions are RIGHT before continuing a build.
  • Using nails as moisture sensors works OK but I'm looking forward to an improved moisture sensor Adafruit may or may not be working on.
  • Composting is cool. Turning your compost bin into a bionic solar powered bot is COOOL.

This project was a proof of concept that tracking the temperature and moisture of compost can help tremendously to improve the health of the compost. In the future I would like to add an IoT component to this project to be able to track temperature and moisture remotely through Adafruit IO. The next version may also have facial features... Until then, stay tuned, and stay composting!

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