Foam Template Files

This projects uses two pieces of adhesive craft foam with adhesive sides joined together, securing coils of memory wire and electronics between them. The interior foam piece is shaped like a simple rectangle, while the exterior piece contains cutouts to hold the LEDs and QT Py.

Download the vector template files for the EVA foam by clicking the green button below. Inside the Zip file are templates for three different cuff sizes. Choose the file which best corresponds to your wrist circumference:

  • SMALL:      wrist size < 6.5"
  • MEDIUM:   6.5" < wrist size < 7.5"
  • LARGE:      7.5" < wrist size

Machine Cutting the Foam

If you have access to a vinyl cutter or laser engraver/cutter, you can import the SVG template vector file provided into the control software for your machine. You may also cut the foam pieces by hand, as described below.

EVA foam is safe to laser cut, but if using a laser, it's a good to verify that the settings generate a clean cut that doesn't melt the foam.

Hand Cutting the Foam

Print the template and check the scale using the 1" reference square. After printing, trim the template close to the piece outlines, then tape it onto the paper covering the adhesive side of the craft foam.

Cut out the small rectangular shapes first with the craft knife.

Cut around the exterior of the two cuff pieces. If the piece edges are a bit rough, you can trim them with scissors. The cutouts will be filled with hot glue, so small imperfections in the shape of the rectangles won't be apparent when the bracelet is finished.

Cut Memory Wire Coils

Two coils of memory wire provide the cuff's shape and structure. The length of the wire loops will be the same, irrespective of wrist size. Using wire cutters, cut two coils from the wire, each the length of a complete circle. 

Once cut, use fine-nosed pliers to bend both ends of each coil back on themselves so that the loops are perpendicular to the plane of the circle. Rounding the ends of the wire prevents them poking through the foam.

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