Custom Battery Charge Adaptor

Charging the bracelet requires connecting the USB C battery connector/clasp to a LiPo charge board. Many charge boards, like the Adafruit Micro-LiPo Charger for LiPo/LiIon Batteries w/MicroUSB Jack use a JST power jack to connect to the battery, but this won't work for our battery with its custom USB C connector.

To charge our battery with a USB C connector, we will make a JST to USB-C adaptor using the JST connector we cut from the battery earlier and a USB C female breakout, like the Adafruit USB Type C Breakout Board - Downstream Connection. The only pins needed on the the breakout are the power (VBUS) and ground (GND) connections. Simply solder the power (red) and ground (black) JST connector leads to the VBUS and GND pins on the breakout, respectively.

Now, we can charge our modified LiPo battery by connecting it to the USB C to JST adaptor we just built. The adaptor's female JST connector fits the corresponding male connector on the LiPo charger. Now you can hook up 5V power to the LiPo charge board and charge the bracelet battery.

This guide was first published on Oct 16, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 17, 2024.

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