Print it!

Download the two PDFs below, or download the vector files from Thingiverse

Print out the first image with the two smaller parts on one piece of paper. This will become the house and roof.

Print the second image, the base, on a second piece of paper. The assembled house will be mounted to the base.

Cut out the parts

Cut around the outlines of the house and roof.


Use a knife or razor blade to slice along the diagonal line in the base.

Fold the parts

Fold the parts along the dotted lines.

Tape it up

Use small strips of double sided tape to hold the parts together. Glue stick also works well for this if you don't have double-sided tape.


Start with the square box, then tape together the pyramid.


Stick the roof on top of the house with the two tabs provided.

What beautiful little house you've built! 

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