You will notice that your house will be more or less sensitive to sound depending on the position of the slide switch on the board.

Straw House

Slide the switch to the left. This is the sensitive setting.

Now any small sound (or light breeze) will trigger the house to fall over. You can see how sensitive it is by gently tapping near the board and watching the NeoPixels graph the sound level.

Wood House

Now slide the switch to the right. 

Suddenly the house is harder to blow over. You will also notice the NeoPixels are less sensitive as well. Tapping may not be enough to trigger the board anymore, only knocking hard (or a strong gust of air) can blow this house over. 

Brick House

Turn power switch off.

Now nothing can knock this house down.

Enjoy experimenting with the settings for this collapsible house!

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