Now it's time to add some cladding. Appropriate textures can be found by following these links:

Straw / WoodBrick

Print out a copy of each.

Cut a strip of texture the same height as your house.


Wrap it around the house, taping the ends together.


Cut another strip the same width, and cut this into squares. Trim these squares into triangles. These will be used to thatch the roof of the house.

Repeat these steps for each texture. You can remove and replace each texture depending on which mode the house is in.

The Straw House (switch flipped left) blows over even in the slightest breeze. It's so sensitive it may not pop back up unless it's *very quiet*.

The Wood House (switch flipped right) takes a stronger breeze to blow over, but it pops right back up.

The Brick House (power off) can withstand even gale force winds without collapsing.

This was built with the intention of being a prop in the re-telling of the "Three Little Pigs" fairy tale, but it is suited to being adapted into other things like a notification system, or expanding upon the pop-up house to fit different stories. 

You can decorate or add on to your house in all sorts of ways.

The characters from Circuit Playground made an appearance on this house.

Add a chimney, smoke, windows or doors...

There are many more techniques for creating pop-up art the try out, get as creative or ambitious as you want!

If you want to continue exploring you can check out lots more MakeCode projects on the Adafruit Learn System.


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