For this you will need a piece of scrap cardboard about 8.5" x 11" (letter or A4)

First, take the piece of paper with the base printed on it and trim the back edge off.

If necessary, trim your piece of cardboard down until it's about the same size as a full sheet of printer paper.


Place the base of the house on the cardboard, aligning the front edges. Fold the paper over, leaving the side with diagonal slit on bottom.


On the back side, place some strips of double-sided tape.


Affix one side of base to cardboard foundation. This half will stay in place, while the other side will fold over back and forth.

Take the house and slide the smaller of the two tabs through the slit in the base.


Place short strips of double-sided tape on the tabs hanging off the house.


Press down on tabs to stick tape in place.


Your house is now ready!

Attach Servo

Tape the wooden arm/skewer to a single-sided servo hub.


Tape the end of the arm to the edge of the paper.


Tape the servo motor to the house foundation.

Connect your servo to CRICKIT on the Servo group of pins position 1. The orange wise towards the front, the brown or black wire towards the Circuit Playground Express.

Make sure 5V power is supplied via the DC jack on CRICKIT and the Circuit Playground Express is connected to your computer with the micro USB cable.

Now we're ready for some code!

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