The button below downloads a ZIP file of images and fonts for the examples. The “Download Project Bundle” links on subsequent pages will fetch the necessary code and libraries, but not these files. You’ll need both to piece together a working example.

If you're having difficulty running this example, it could be because your MagTag CircuitPython firmware or library needs to be upgraded! Please be sure to follow to install the latest CircuitPython firmware and then also replace/update ALL the MagTag-specific libraries mentioned here

This is not a complete package. You’ll still need a few things…

  • You must create and publish the spreadsheets as shown on each example page. Don’t fret, they’re simple ones.
  • Prerequisite CircuitPython libraries must be installed (see below).
  • file (not a part of the project files) must be configured with your WiFi network and Adafruit IO credentials (as shown on the “CircuitPython Internet” Test page) and time zone (“Getting the Date & Time” page).
  • The CircuitPython examples have descriptive filenames, but the active file should be renamed when copied to the CIRCUITPY drive, otherwise it won’t run.
  • Your spreadsheet links must be pasted into the example code.

Here’s a map of all this project’s required images, fonts and code on the CIRCUITPY drive. Remember that nothing will happen until one of the examples is renamed

If you run out of space when copying items to CIRCUITPY: make a backup of any files currently on that drive, then delete files that aren’t related to this project to free up space.

After setting up any of the examples, tap the board’s RESET button. Occasionally the WiFi connection has some lingering data buffered from prior code, and this can cause the examples to fail with an error the first time they’re run. RESET makes sure everything starts clean and fresh.

Font Licenses

Copyright (c) 1999, Thomas A. Fine

License to copy and distribute for both commercial and non-commercial use is herby granted, provided this notice is preserved.

[email protected] with bdfedit, a tcl/tk font editing program written by Thomas A. Fine


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Copyright 1988, 1994 Digital Equipment Corporation.

Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

Permission to use these trademarks is hereby granted only in association with the images described in this file.

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