This project shows you how to turn scraps of wood into wooden building bricks. These wooden building bricks are LEGO compatible, so they can be used in LEGO builds and showcase their beautiful wood grain.

This CNC milling project covers using the Bantam Tools PCB milling machine and Fusion 360. 

Learn how to CNC a two-side part using an alignment bracket and LEGO base plate as a holding jig. 

This guide covers setting up wooden stock material, facing and milling operations for the top and bottom side of a 2x4 lego compatible brick.

The techniques and process used in this CNC project can be adapted to create unique bricks and maybe even those rare types that are hard to come by.


1 x BantamTools Desktop CNC
PCB Milling Machine
1 x 1/8in Flat End Mill
Achieve a nice finish on both the top and bottom of material
1 x 1/16in Flat End Mill
Fish Tail, Downcut Spiral Bit
1 x PCB Alignment Bracket
Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine Tool Set
1 x Double Sided Nitto Tape
1in wide x 36 yrds roll
1 x Hard Wood Material
1/2in Thick Wood Material

This guide was first published on Jun 15, 2022. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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