Stock Setup for Top Keycaps

In the design workspace, isolate the caps top component using the eye icon to hide the other components.

In the manufacture workspace, create a new Setup using the icons in the top menu or the shortcuts menu.

Select the dot on the top surface in the lower left corner of the stock preview. In the Stock tab, select Fixed Size Box under the Mode section. Reference the values for the Width(X), Depth(Y), Height(Z) and set the model positions to Center.

Adaptive Clearing

In the manufacture workspace, click on the Adaptive Clearing icon in the top 3D menu or use the shortcuts menu.

Click on the Select button in the tool section and choose the 1/16in flat end mill.

Under the Feed & Speed section, use the same values as the 1/8in flat end mill.

Click on the Passes tab and change the Maximum Roughing Step Down. Click the checkbox to disable the Stock To Leave section.

New Pattern Set Up

Only a single operation is used for the Top of the keycap so you may use a single pattern for the Adaptive Clearing operation.

Right-click on the 1/16in Adaptive Clearing in the browser and select Add to New Pattern from the menu.

Under Direction 1, click the Edge button and select one of the edges in the model that is in the desired axis.

Under Spacing for Direction 1, type in 28.5mm.

Under Number of instances 1, type in 4.

Press OK button to accept and save.

Simulate and Post Process

Reference the previous CAM setup to simulate the operations. If everything looks good, proceed to Post Process the GCode files. You have the option to select multiple operations in the Browser. For example, the Adaptive Clearing and 2D Contour operations use the same tool so this could be posted as a single GCode file.

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