The keycap features a DSA profile with symmetrical sides and features a concave top surface. The dimensions of the keycap are designed to fit with Kailh box switches and Cherry MX compatible switches.

  • Body Size: 18.5mm x 18.5mm x 8mm
  • Stem Height: 5mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2mm

Sketch Dimensions

The keycap was created using a few sketches. The keycap is extruded using the rectangle from the cap top base sketch with a 22 degree tapered angle at 8mm tall. The revolve feature was used with the revolve tip sketch to create the concave on the top of the keycap. 1mm fillets were applied to the edges to round them out. The internal cutout was created with a 5mm extrude using the base sketch with a 22 degree tapered angle. The stem was created with another extrude using the smaller rectangle in the base sketch. The cross was created using the cross sketch with an extrude.

Sketch Profiles

The base sketch features several rectangle profiles for creating the holding fixture and the keycap. This was set up so the keycap is centered with the fixture. Sketch dimensions show the various sizes of the profiles. Modify the dimension if you'd like to create a bigger or smaller holding fixture. 

User Parameters

Variables were used in sketch dimensions to make adjustments easier. The capOuter parameter defines the width and height of the bottom keycap model. The capSpacing parameter is used to define the spacing between the rectangular pattern. The capInner is used to create the internal square of the keycap. The holderPad parameter is used to create an additional gap along the edge of the holding fixture. The capSize parameter is used to define the width and height of the top keycap model.

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