Install and Probe Tool

In the Bantam Tools software, click on the JOG icon. In the Jog Milling Bed dialog window, click on Install Tool. 

Walk through the tool installation process. Use the 1/8in flat end mill. This tool will be used for facing our stock.

Optionally use a fan bit to blow away any sawdust during the milling operations.

Add Nitto Tape

To secure the stock to the spoil board of the CNC, apply strips of NITTO tape to one of the surfaces. Ensure the surface is clean of any dust or debris. Try to cover most of the surface and avoid overlapping the tape.

Secure Stock to Spoil Board

Place the stock over the spoil board with the lower left corner lined up. With the stock lined up, firmly apply pressure to secure the stock to the spoil board.

Jog Controls

If you find it difficult to get your hands in the machine, use the Jog controls to move the spoil board. In the Bantam Tools software, click on the JOG icon. Under Spindle Control, switch from STEP to JOG. Use the X and Y buttons to move the bed. Use the Z buttons to move the spindle up or down. Click and hold to make continuous movements.

Set Up GCODE in Bantam Tools Software

In the Bantam Tools Software, click on the Initial Setup tab. Click on the blue button, OPEN FILE. Browse and select the Gcode file for facing the material.

Under the milling tools section, click on the dropdown menu and select the 1/8" Flat End Mill from the list.

Material Setup

Click on the Material Setup tab. Under the Material Size section, enter your stocks dimensions in the X,Y and Z input fields.

Under Material Placement, update the Material Offset Z to 0.2mm (This is the thickness of the Nitto tape).

Face Material

Double check all of the settings are updated. Click on the Summary Run Job tab. Under the Gcode file section, click on the Mill Single File button.

Watch the CNC machine carefully and check periodically to make sure everything runs as expected.


Vacuum Saw Dust

Once the facing operation is complete, remove the windows and vacuum up all of saw dust and debris. Use the Jog controls to get to all of the nooks and crannies. 

Remove Stock from Bed

Apply alcohol to the spoil board using a squeeze bottle. Allow the alcohol to soak into the wood and tape for a half of a minute. Use a palette knife or spatula to get under the stock. Gently pray the stock off of the spoil board.

Peel and remove the tape from the surface of the stock. Use paper towels to clean up the spoil board.

Face Other Side

With the first side now faced, it's time to do the other side!

In the Bantam Tool software, update the material size. Under Z, subtract 1.5mm from your stocks thickness. In this case, the stock was 13mm. The new thickness is now 11.5mm (13 - 1.5).

Follow and repeat the process to face the other side of the stock.


Finish Facing

Once the second side has been faced, update your material size once more. The stock should now be 10mm. Leave the stock secured to the spoil board.

The next set of Gcode files will create the 1x4 fixture for holding the keycaps. 

Leave the stock secured to the spoil board! Ensure the material thickness is updated to 10mm. Proceed to the next page when ready.

This guide was first published on Aug 30, 2021. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Facing Stock) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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