After loading the CircuitPython code and files onto the CLUE, you're ready to get stepping. For best results, you'll want to house your CLUE in a wearable case. The Ruiz brothers have a great 3D printed design and Learn Guide for a CLUE case that you wear on your wrist like a watch. This is the perfect way to count your steps. The guide also details how to install an on/off switch for the CLUE with a lipo battery.

After printing and assembling your case, your CLUE step counter is complete! You can track your steps all day long without worrying about the security of your health data or location tracking. The battery should last at least a full day so you won't miss a single step.

This guide was first published on Apr 14, 2020. It was last updated on May 20, 2024.

This page (Final Assembly and Use) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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