Ideas for Areas to Explore

  • Add a proper finger sensor for plotting pulses: Adafruit Forums: Get a CLUE about your Pulse :-)
  • Add more plotting modes:
    • min/avg/max per second/minute/hour would be useful for long-term monitoring.
    • show multiple plots on two y axis or two graphs, e.g. temperature and humidity.
  • Add some supression/pause between button press and volume source to prevent the physical impact being plotted.
  • Add x axis tick labels with time values and investigate the feasibility of a true oscilloscope-style output with a timebase set by the user.
  • Make an altimeter and vertical speed indicator with a plot mode and an instantaneous large-font display. cf. CLUE Altimeter, published after this guide was created.
  • Look at the new high performance ulab library for number crunching which could be used to post-process the sensor data.
  • Enhance the code to also work on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit with the Circuit Playground TFT Gizmo LCD screen.
  • Test the output to Mu particularly on the three channel plots and look at how to tailor the data sent to Mu.
  • Improve the performance of plotting by replacing the slow undrawing technique with a clear screen implemented using the new, fast displayio Bitmap fill() method.

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