Iteration in the software development process from Managing the Development of Large Software Systems by Dr Winston W. Royce (1970).

The design of the CircuitPython version of the CLUE sensor plotter separates the program into three components using object-oriented programming (OOP):

  • A PlotSource class with derived classes for each sensor to represent the 10 data sources.
  • A Plotter class to take the data and draw the graph on the LCD screen.
  • The main program which manages the interactions with the user and uses the aforementioned classes to read the data from the sensors and plot it to the screen.

A class brings together related code and data to create a new type. Variables created based on the class type are referred to as objects. Procedures are called methods when they are part of a class. Python and C++, the basis for CircuitPython and Arduino programming respectively, both have OO features.

The following pages in this section look at a few aspects of the design.

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